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Stöde Tennis Camp

Targeted towards youth between the ages of 12 and 17 who have played tennis for many years

Stöde Tennis Camp is a perfect training camp for tennis juniors between the ages of 12 and 17 who love tennis, have fun with friends and train in a fantastic environment.

The coaches have good experience and education, witch makes a week of organized, professional and fun training with individual development.

This training camp is aimed at the recreational player, those who are planning to start competing, just started competing or love tennis but doesn't compete.

At the camp, we use the game as a starting point for individual development with different focus areas during each training session. Each training session has a theme such as:

  • Basic strokes

  • Movement patterns and technique

  • Serve and return

  • Net play

  • Offense and defense

  • Tactics and game smartness

  • Match play: rules and best usage.

  • Match play: strategy with coaching

  • Game analysis using high-speed cameras

  • Sparring

During the training camp, there is fun, varied and comprehensive training. The training sessions include tennis training, general sports theory, and general physical training.

Below is a brief description of the training during the week.

Tennis training

The center of the training sessions is your individual technique and your use of it in different game situations. During the week, you will train about 16 hours of specific tennis training, but also a lot of other exciting training is on the program.

Physical training

During physical training, we focus on the physical characteristics that are important for you to develop as a tennis player: strength, speed, endurance and mobility.

Sports theory

On the theory sessions, we will go through subjects that are important for you to have a complete athlete. We will educate you in nutrition, mental training, injury prevention and rehabilitation training, and Fair Play.

More than just training!

Sure, training is important, but for us, the most important thing is that the participants have an amazing and fun week that they can remember with joy for the rest of their lives!

Therefore, there will be lots of evening activities and adventures that have nothing to do with tennis. It can be beach volyball, billiards, fishing trips, baseball, etc.

Free entrance to a temperate outdoor pool is also included all week.

Stöde Tennis Camp runs Monday-Friday, week 26.

The tennis camp is all-inclusive

Nutritious, locally produced meals.

About Stöde

Stöde is an idyllic village in Sweden located by the Ljungan River in Medelpad. 
Stöde is located 40km west of the city of Sundsvall, and  is an amazingly beautiful place. 

It has a population of about 2000 people and have all the necessities such as grocery stor, bathhouse, gym, health center, school and church.

And in the middle of the idyllic village, down by the river in the shade of birch trees lays the tennis club. The most beautiful place to play tennis in the world!

The closest airport is Sundsvall-Timrå Airport (SDL) 60km away



”House of Bontin – destinationen för smarta träningsverktyg

Vi erbjuder smarta produkter för alla tennis- & padelspelare som vill att avancera och utveckla sitt spel. Välj bland träningsverktyg för alla nivåer och utmaningar; oavsett om du är nybörjare, medel eller avancerad spelare så kommer du hitta hjälpmedel hos oss som kan förbättra din teknik.”

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